Felt Works

Felting Works

Felt roofing offers a highly versatile and cost-effective solution for many private and commercial roofing needs. Services offers repairs to existing flat roofs and brand-new flat roofs whatever the size of your project.

Felt roofs are traditionally ‘the’ flat roofing system, using a wooden base which has two to three layers of bituminous felt added.

Bonded together with bitumen that has been heated to a high temperature and finished with a top coat, this system provides tough and durable protection against the elements.

From garden shed or garage, to large square metre commercial premises, if it’s a flat roof you need then look no further. We are specialists in felt roofing using 50,75 or 100mm PUR Insulation boards.

We offer full felt roofing services from small repairs to full roof replacements. We offer a free assessment of any felt roof repair or replacement, providing a detailed quote covering the work that needs to be undertaken and the full costs involved.

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