Lead Works

Lead Works

We can complete a full range of lead works on your roofing project. We provide lead works including roof flashings for valleys, abutments and roof penetrations right through to complex works on dormer windows and other roofing features.

Being one of the most widely recycled building materials in use today, lead will last longer and age better than any other synthetic materials. It is corrosion resistant and will outlast any alternative building materials, thus giving great value for money whilst being sympathetic to the environment.

Although lead can be more expensive initially, its longevity and appealing aesthetics ensure that in the long run, the cost is worthwhile.

We offer full lead roofing services from small repairs to full roof replacements. We offer a free assessment of any lead roof repair or replacement, providing a detailed quote covering the work that needs to be undertaken and the full costs involved.

Lead Chimney 1
Lead Works Round Window
More Images Around Window
Image of Outlet/Overflow
Roof Lead Works
Roof Lead Works
Roof Lead Works Alternative View
Additional Flat Roof Lead
Flat Roof Lead
Flat Roof Lead Work
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